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Negotiations for all license types

Negotiations should be available for all licenses. We are in an age of mass inflation. 60% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. Producers should have the autonomy to give discounts on a case by case basis, especially in the case of those in ...
M Johnston 4 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Support for @ and _ symbol in New Studio Experience

I noticed special characters specifically the "@" and "_" in the new studio uploading section cause some issues when uploading. These characters were okay in the old experience but not in the new. A lot of producers might add their @ to a social m...
Makai Calloway 5 days ago in  0

Add an internal wallet for can't use paypal and stripe

We need an internal wallet on beatstars so that we can save money on it and withdraw it with crypto, payoneer etc. Those living in countries such as Turkey, Russia and Ukraine will understand what I mean much better. We are having trouble getting ...
Emre Tunc 13 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Brett Corns

i think there should be an option to click your follower list, for an artist this would help because we wouldn’t have to rely on producers we follow to repost their beats or catch them when they drop.
Brett corns 7 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Change Exclusive Sales To Songs Over Removing Them Completely

I'm totally aware of the policy that Beatstars has set forth by automatically removing exclusive sales / purchases of work, but I request this to be changed. Currently if someone purchases derivative material w/ exclusive rights, that material is ...
Korey Montplaisir 8 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Upload file formats

When beats are tracked out they typically automatically render the master wav with the stems. Since those are already included in trackouts, it’s become more of a hassle to make it it’s own separate upload requirement in a trackout license.
Brandon Underwood 12 days ago in BeatStars Studio 0

Collaborator Song Plays

I would love to see song plays from collaborators count towards the song plays of both users profiles. So if I collaborate with another user but they have a more popular page, I still get those plays. Thanks!
Mickey Montz 12 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0


Bethanie Becko 14 days ago in General Bug 0

New Studio Tracks Section - The Track Pro Page Share Link Missing, Currently Only Have the Marketplace Link

Having the ability to share to your pro page and funnel your traffic from other sites especially YouTube is important and the share link on the new studio track section only includes the marketplace link which doesn't give your pro users the full ...
David Marshall 17 days ago in BeatStars Studio 0

hey beatstars it's AceAceBeatz. What if, for a separate cheap subscription, each artist can add a link to the YouTube video of this beat under the guise of a YouTube icon to each video on bitstars. I think the producers will appreciate and afford to pay for a $25 subscription to Page. how do you like this idea?

No description provided
Yuriy Rubtsov 17 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0